Friday, October 1, 2010

SP :)

Last Saturday, Went back to SP again with my fatty Louis Tan and his family. =)
I love the sun and the blue sky with beautiful clouds.
I was a beautiful day to go out and it makes my mood goes UP UP UP!=D

Nearly I can't open my eyes because it was too bright. hahaXD
Forced my eyes to open!

Penang Bridge~~

I wonder why it has so many cars last Sat but there is no any public holiday. hmm..
Quite Jam in some roads.

Fatty's Cousin.=)

Here's my fatty. Curi-curi took his photo. hehe
He stopped his car at somewhere Sunway Carnival because he wanted to pass things for his friend.

Finally we reached his sp home.^^
His family is doing steamboat for the dinner. My favorite!!=D
It's not been well prepared yet.
I ate alot until my tummy gonna burst. Too much of foods already. lol..

They are watching the kids playing fb games. haha

And me, of cause is photo photo all the times. hahaXD

Fatty's cute lil'brother, Shin Ji.=)
He very shy and dare not to talk to strangers.XD

Ken Ji..

Mother and Son. :)

After dinner at home, they went to a shopping mall and I forgotten what's the name d.
then I found this cute photo in a shop. haha

I was watching them playing. haha..

Went for supper at a kopitiam after shopping, and it starts to drizzle.
Aunty & cute shinji. XD


Me doing silly faces ==

Went back home and took some pictures of everyone.:)
Siew Fong & Hui Yee:)

The family picture.hehe..

Fatty's Grandpa & Grandma.:)

The next day, fatty and his family early in the morning went to have breakfast but I din go cause I was too tired already. Then me and his cousin staying at home and ate the steamboat which still have left over last night.

Fatty is watching his fav tv show. Seems like he was so lazy to go out huh? hahaXD

In the afternoon, we're going out to another shopping mall again.
But how sad the sky become grey.


He's cute, ain't he?;)

The Driver. hahahaXD

Rain Rain Rain again..
Nowadays the skys keep falling tears. hmmm..

Going up the the mall.

How I wish my room has this kind of color and the wallpapers.

We went back to Penang around 8pm and I was so exhausted.
Monday is the days to work again. But I like this kind of days because I can spent my times more with my families and I am trying to change my lifestyle.^^
A healthy one I hope. hehe..

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