Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good night post:)

I am so so tired... Just feel like putting away all my stuffs and listening to soft and relaxing music to "soften" my mind... My mind was too hard sometimes..=/
Today was just a very short post to say good night to all of you.:)
Will be come back for new post soon yea.

Good-night ,with-love :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Polkadotz Lens

Most of every girl dreams is to to have sharp-triangle face, high nose, beautiful hair and of course a pair of big and Blinkie eyes! Don't you think so?
Eyes are the most very important for us! To have a beautiful big eyes, everyone choose to wear bigger diameter lenses to make their eyes looks bigger, rounder and even attractiveness!

Got the Colour Zoom- Dolly black lens from Polkadotz Lens. *Click to their facebook page, and click like;)*
When I first got the lens, I was like can't wait to have a try!

Here is how my eyes looks like before and after wearing the Dolly Black lens!
The before eye was like nonspiritual,it looks sleepy. I don't have much confident at all.@@
After wearing the lens, my eye look even more attractive and also the most important is they look natural, don't you think so?:) I am so confident with my eyes now!:D

Below are some of the pictures taken.

Remember never leave your lens exposed to air or dust for too long. When you are not using them, keep them immersed in the disinfecting solution and ensure that you close the storage case tightly to avoid any dust falling into the solution. A new lens case should be used with each new bottle of solution for proper contact lens care. This is a MUST-DO!

For more information about the lens, kindly go to their facebook page at Polkadotz Lens =D

Friday, October 14, 2011


I'm using Mobile blogging just testing if it works perfectly? If it does, which is a pretty cool and awesome way to blog everywhere I go:D Although it was just a small screen & keypad, I wont care much about it:p

Anyway I was just too bored lying on my bed. Now it was 7am in the morning and wtf I haven gone for sleep yet. Fml! I'm so stress lately just wanna write something silly here. Tested successfully. Thats all I wanted to post. Good Morning to you and good night to myself:)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How does getting rewarded through sharing sounds like to you? Join #ChurpChurp today and bring more friends to the community!

How does getting rewarded through sharing sounds like to you? Join #ChurpChurp today and bring more friends to the community!

Alfaparf Milano 70's Hair Show

Does anyone hear before the Alfaparf Milano hair products? No? No offense because it is for salon used and selling in salon only I guess.XD  Friday 7th of October, Alfaparf 70's Hair Show was held in Voodoo Club in Penang. Boyfie,Louis was one of the Model.XD  Knowing that the theme was about 70's, I kept thinking what to wear since I got no 70's clothes in my wardrobe.=/ I Google and searched for 70's fashion and all are like wearing those Palazzo typed pants/jumpsuits.

Like in the picture shows was the example of their disco wear. Impossible I could wear this and I doesn't want to buy just for the event, so I decided to wear a simple one that's it. hmmm
My outfit doesn't look like 70's at all. hahha..
Top and skirt are from my online store.
Visit ! Click the link and watch out for more.^^
Thanks for your support XD
What is happening to baby's hair? and also he is make up? hahah
I shocked when I first saw him. Lol..

His face are so much different after putting the super thick foundation=/ He is fairer than me on that night seriously.=____=

Amy and I :)

Gahahaha me with Vampire! XD

 Alviz and his pretty gf.

The show starts and I was like baby's fans keep captured only him... spot spot and spottt!==

Baby with the 70's curly hair style. hahaa

After show with all the hair stylist & models.

Continue with their "gay" dancing and keep pulling and forcing people up to the dance floor. Lmao!!
Few free Alfaparf products had given to baby and since baby are not using them, he's giving the products to me. Yayyy!XD I haven got them yet because the products are still at baby place, I will post up once I got them:)

Want to know more about their Alfaparf Milano, Visit their website to view more about them.  :D

Monday, October 10, 2011

Khuan's Birthday in Oct

This was my very first post in October 2011. Guess there will be quite several of celebrations and functions in this month which is pretty awesome! Today's post was Ah Khuan's birthday bash in 1st of October. Her birthday date was actually in 3rd Oct. Yun Hao(her Bf) make a surprise party for her at Century Bay.:D

Vodka(Caryne's Husky), sometimes I love you, sometimes I hate youXD

Birthday Girl Khuan and I

Steamboat! They are worried about the food which is too many

The girls^^

No birthday cake on the day because she had blow 3 cakes before her party..
So Yun Hao decided to use a lighter and close the light, everyone sings birthday song for her. haha

Game time.. we are so gonna die die dieeeeee under this huge Chivas =/

Half way of the game, off for eating time! Don't to worry about the food which couldn't finish, because everyone will be like a hungry ghost in the midnight. Guess what time was it?

It's 3.51am and is almost 4am in the morning? hahahha   ignore my hairy hand arghhh

Game continued and most of them are almost KO hehee

Funny Sleeping ZzzZZzzzzz

Guess we went back around 6am=/
It was an awesome night which I miss it so much. haha
Most of the photo's was with Caryne so I'll just wait her to upload.=D

Post a youtube music which I like recently before I end this post.

Will be back pretty soon and hope you guys enjoy reading my not so boring post I suppose?=p

Monday, October 3, 2011

Stress. Pressure. Exhausted. Sickness. Sad.