Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Post of the day. ONLY myself capturing by webbii.
Is narcissism a kind of disease? I-D-T-S. *I don't think so* =p

Well, according to the Chinese Feng Shui, Chinese ppl believing that before CNY, there is a few good day for house cleaning. Those selected house cleaning date will bring them luck and I do believe in this.

You might be asking, why am I saying this which there is no such related topic to my post. haha. Well, there is something different in my room and I love the way they arranged my bed and my working table. hehe. My room is halfway still messy now, I'm gonna continue to clean it on this coming Sunday.^^

Oppss!! A big huge poster of mua behind me. That was a birthday present from a friend of mine. I have no idea where to hang it because it was so huge! so I just put it on top of my Grid cupboard.

After CNY,I wish to have braces. My teeth may be seen flatten in the picture but actually when looking on the side, i was quite having a rabbit teeth. Not quite but it is obvious.

For over 20 years living with my rabbit teeth, I never thought that my teeth was crooked until people are saying and keep saying.=____= From that time, I am really shy sometimes when I talk to people. I rather hope that I could close my mouth without seeing my teeth as I like to laugh so much. haha.
And one more thing, I've seen some of my friends had bought their CNY cothes and etc. I haven got any clothes for my CNY yet and I just bought a pair of shoe when I went to 2 shopping malls last week! OMG! I hope I got what I want next week for my very last minute shopping!

That is all for today. Sweet Dreams and have a good night sleep.^^


Anonymous said...

wa lee heong
the picha behind...
u got lotz perfume!LOL
- by suki

LeeHoeng said...

haha! like this also you can saw it! LOL!!