Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The best New Year Eve Celebration ever!=D

Hello ^^ How was the celebration of your New Year Eve? Had Fun?
To me, I had the greatest New Year Eve ever celebrating with friends at 69 Mansion. I really had no regrets to go there. It was the freakiest awesome night with DJ Blink and DJ Gold Fish Spinning by the beach! The club will never be so happening if without Lapsap! wootss!;)

Cam Cam time before going for the awesome partay! =D

Baby Louis and I;)

We went out quite early on 8pm to Batu Feringhi having dinner because was afraid of jam on the road. But in fact, there wasn't that jam after all.. It was still early I guess. hehe..
Sheryn and I. ^^

Guess who?! The Leopard Woman s. *RAWWWRR*  :p
We have the same empathy which to wear Leopard prints that night! haha..

May , Debil, I, Sheryn & Catherine =)

The couple, Jason & Debil. ;)

May & I.
I keep asking her with her braces, and I said " wah!! song lo got braces" and she said I am crazy. haha! cause I really hope to done it in the future to have a nice Flat teeth..hmmm..I am so afraid of pain.T___T

Thanks Debil for letting me to keep this photo.^^ Thank you so much!=D

I and Catherine.

Kuan and I.



Some throwing bottles performance..

And also Fire performance. lol

The Last five seconds till to welcomed the Brand New Year 2011!


12am !!! Fireworks Begin!!

Some how I don't know when, where and who's did this hand belongs to when I'm capturing the fireworks!. haha

Juki & McBotak..

Mikael, Juki, McBotak, Howe & Slipper. hahaa..
McBotak looks funny! But the flash was too bright already.=(

Chau & Alice.;)

Jenna & I

Jenna, Slipper

Juki, Me

Till now, I still miss the night so much. I am so satisfied because since my Christmas celebration was just ok, and the New Year countdown party had offset my "just ok" celebration of Xmas. hehe
All right I will stop here by now.

Happy New Year everyone.^^


Junees said...

I work there that day !! xD

LeeHoeng said...

haha..no wonder I saw a girl looks like you.. I wanted to say hi but u are talking to somebody and seems busy..=(