Monday, September 12, 2011

MoonTree 47

Lets say I'll just skip the hat Yai trip part and post about the recent one?haha
I am trying to live up my blog again. Will all my readers come back?:(

Today's post was about last Thursday at Moontree 47. Rather than going for a usual brunch in Penang, why not go to a heritage coffee shop like moontree 47 located along Jalan Muntri. It was a nice place to laze around and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. =D

Outfit of the day.=p
My fringe looks long that day but actually it was short one. 
This is why I love out curls... if it was the right way by saying this "out curls"?. haha
The sun is too bright and I barely open my eyes. Anyway it was a good weather!

Random photo taken inside the Moontree. lol

With same old friends.=D Are they just acting or really drinking?

My Baby with his "samurai" hair. lol

Spot the basin. It's cool! haha

Green oh Green~ Go green!

Heineken at noon. changing lifestyle? =___=

So enjoying with his Heineken==

Yun Hao !

Baby and I

Chao and I..ignore me I look weird with the sausage lips=/

Part of everyone.hehe

The girls:)

3 of us wering polka dots that day. why am I standing so tall is because they said they can't see my polka dots on my pants so I need to stand on the
and I got only the blur picture in my camera=(

After that we headed to Seafood Lagoon cafe for din din..
Seaview taken by iphone. Nice place:)


Yam face~@@

Then to Seawind after dinner.

Sheryn and Catherine~

Me and Caryne

Playng cards....gambling are they? hahaha

The flash lights got so serious? =/

A random shots of yun hao & Khuan!=p
 Lastly with a picture with 3 of us!:)

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