Thursday, December 30, 2010

26 December 2010
Louis's Boss Housewarming day.
Outfit of the day from J'R La Bellee. hahhaa!! Promoting my clothes in my blogshop. lmao.
But it was the sold out items and I love the white knit shirt so I left one for myself=p
Actually, it was such a day which I am "so don't know what to wear day" and I keep asking baby what to wear? what to wear? and what to wear?! hahaa.. am so afraid of meeting so much of different peoples. and I mean..really different. =_____= They said I'm stupid! it's all humans not monsters la. haha and I was like 'yeah! what am I afraid of?' lol
On the way *ngek ngek*
Boss house was freaking awesome! That was my super duper dream house but someone ask me don't to take picture of his house better=( If not I am so gonna took the picture to share with you guys. I wish that was my house seriously. lol! I can't believe his master room with own big wardrobe. damn.. *jealous* tsk tsk..

The year of 2011 is coming. Why time passes so fast? I don't want to get old that fast T_____T There's few people said I become old already and now they call me "lao eh" in hokkien and English means OLD ONE. arhhhhh I guess was my hair style is making me look old ba..(trying to console myself) lol! I'm so not gonna cut my hair anymore and want my hair to grow longer like last time. Long and thick =,(
Can't wait for 31st December. teehee!!.. will come back to blog again in 2011 ! see you guys soon!=D

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chee Wen's Birthday

On 23rd of December, Louis baby bring me back to his Hometown for celebrating Chee Wen's Birthday at Panda Liang house. We had steamboat again and this is the only smart and easy way to make a small party. whheeee~~

Let see the pictures.;)
Everyone in the photo.. except Louis Tan cause he's holding the camera. haha

Yammm sengg

Don't kacau kacau when I'm eating. LOL!!=p

Opppss! hahaaaaaaaa

Playing cards and someone kena drank wine alot! haha

Lay Yin & Phiak Jia

Lay Yin, Kheli & Liang.

Lets sing a birthday song to her. Happy Birthday! =D


The girls=)

The boys! hahaa

Baby and I.;)


WOW we had a really crazies night and I slept in 6am in the morning. So damn freaking exhausted and the next day we're celebrating X'mas eve. But this year X'mas eve was quite boring to me. Nothing special and no party mood too. hmm.. I don't have the photo's on 24th December. They were in friend's camera. Will get the photos from him very soon!=D
Lastly, Happy very very belated Birthday to Chee Wen and may her wish came true.;)

Tang Yuan day=)

I'm sorry for the lack of updates now a days cause I've been busies with the BlogShop (J'R La Bellee). teehee* Do visit it when you're free yea. ;)

Okay I know I was kinda late to post about the celebration of "Dong Zhi".. sorry guys.
22nd December We celebrate Dong Zhi eating tang yuan which are glutinous rice balls in a sweet syrup. Dong Zhi (Winter Solstice) which in Mandarin means "the extreme of winter". I wish everyone great happiness and optimism. (The belated wishes) haha.=p

On 21st December night.
I love this month and this day in every year! Cause I love to eat Tang Yuan so so much!=D Every year my family will bought many colourfulls glutinous rice flour and we make it into a small balls. hehe.. I do enjoy doing it with my 2 mans in this family.
haha..I was too ugly that is why I PS it! *tsk tsk* lighten up the picture!=p

I ask my dad to smile with teeth and he gave me this smile.. cutee! haha
Tang Yuan are then dropped into a pot of boiling water and once the tang yuan float, they are cooked. I never get tired of the sticky chewy glutinous rice balls served in a thick, sweet syrup made from brown sugar. Believe it or not I can finish this whole pot alone! =D But we have to waited till the next day only can eat cause we had to go for prayer 1st on the next day morning!

22nd December 2010
Woke up early and the road was over jammed because many of the Chinese was gonna go for their prayers. We went to Kek Lok Si early in the morning to "Visit" my mother with our home cooked Tang Yuan=D 
The View from my Mom's place.. almost viewing the whole Penang. Nice ain't it? ;)

Guan Yin ma=)
After finish praying my mum then we went to Lee Kongsi continue with our prayers and then had our dinner and Tang Yuan finally! hehe.. A very tired day yet a happy day to me.^^

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

whats the plan for Xmas this year?

Everyone should know that Christmas is coming and it is so near by now! Counting down Christmas eve still have 3 more days to go. wooohooo!

每个人都在等着圣诞的来临,我也是!不过....还没有什么planning耶,谁有什么特别的idea?去年和朋友搞个派对交换圣诞礼物在某个酒店里,好快酱就过一年了!头发也短了!哈 今年不懂要怎么过了啊。大节日路上都会好赛车,想到这个就好懒惰。每年在酱的日子里出门都要早一个小时咯,真惨。外面都会听到哔哔啵啵的声音。

好希望马来西亚可以下雪噢, 不过别傻了这是永远都不会发生的事情,除非世界转变吧 呵呵~~虽然没得感觉白圣诞节那些白雪下落的气氛,我就edit了个照片来个气氛吧。哈哈


But I hope I got an i***** next year,
*hint hint hint hint* and also...  =p
Boyfriend, 你看到了吗? 哈哈哈!


Caryne's Birthday Celebration

Last Friday we went to Caryne's small Birthday celebration at Sunset Bar. Thank god it's not raining that night. But we sat inside also, so nvm if it's rain or not la. haha!
Miss Caryne with her Baskin Robin's Birthday ice-cream Cake. Yum yumm~~

Girls Cam cam time~~lol
Me chau loon. lol

May Caryne Jorise =p

May caryne vivi.

woot woot!! =D

muack muack!!

Kesemua empat perempuan. lol

Keith and Caryne.

Oh Nooooo.. I am the ghost. lmao

Caryne Xin Xin

Wei why got "tua pek kong" at sunset bar? haha!XD

Chattering Chattering and Chattering...
Lastly once again to Miss Caryne, Happy belated Birthday and May your wish came true;)