Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chee Wen's Birthday

On 23rd of December, Louis baby bring me back to his Hometown for celebrating Chee Wen's Birthday at Panda Liang house. We had steamboat again and this is the only smart and easy way to make a small party. whheeee~~

Let see the pictures.;)
Everyone in the photo.. except Louis Tan cause he's holding the camera. haha

Yammm sengg

Don't kacau kacau when I'm eating. LOL!!=p

Opppss! hahaaaaaaaa

Playing cards and someone kena drank wine alot! haha

Lay Yin & Phiak Jia

Lay Yin, Kheli & Liang.

Lets sing a birthday song to her. Happy Birthday! =D


The girls=)

The boys! hahaa

Baby and I.;)


WOW we had a really crazies night and I slept in 6am in the morning. So damn freaking exhausted and the next day we're celebrating X'mas eve. But this year X'mas eve was quite boring to me. Nothing special and no party mood too. hmm.. I don't have the photo's on 24th December. They were in friend's camera. Will get the photos from him very soon!=D
Lastly, Happy very very belated Birthday to Chee Wen and may her wish came true.;)

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puffy said...

hey, hoeng hoeng, thx for the post! nice one^^ will get the photos from u next time. hehe. thanks alots for ur wishes o, i had a great birthday party tat night^^