Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tang Yuan day=)

I'm sorry for the lack of updates now a days cause I've been busies with the BlogShop (J'R La Bellee). teehee* Do visit it when you're free yea. ;)

Okay I know I was kinda late to post about the celebration of "Dong Zhi".. sorry guys.
22nd December We celebrate Dong Zhi eating tang yuan which are glutinous rice balls in a sweet syrup. Dong Zhi (Winter Solstice) which in Mandarin means "the extreme of winter". I wish everyone great happiness and optimism. (The belated wishes) haha.=p

On 21st December night.
I love this month and this day in every year! Cause I love to eat Tang Yuan so so much!=D Every year my family will bought many colourfulls glutinous rice flour and we make it into a small balls. hehe.. I do enjoy doing it with my 2 mans in this family.
haha..I was too ugly that is why I PS it! *tsk tsk* lighten up the picture!=p

I ask my dad to smile with teeth and he gave me this smile.. cutee! haha
Tang Yuan are then dropped into a pot of boiling water and once the tang yuan float, they are cooked. I never get tired of the sticky chewy glutinous rice balls served in a thick, sweet syrup made from brown sugar. Believe it or not I can finish this whole pot alone! =D But we have to waited till the next day only can eat cause we had to go for prayer 1st on the next day morning!

22nd December 2010
Woke up early and the road was over jammed because many of the Chinese was gonna go for their prayers. We went to Kek Lok Si early in the morning to "Visit" my mother with our home cooked Tang Yuan=D 
The View from my Mom's place.. almost viewing the whole Penang. Nice ain't it? ;)

Guan Yin ma=)
After finish praying my mum then we went to Lee Kongsi continue with our prayers and then had our dinner and Tang Yuan finally! hehe.. A very tired day yet a happy day to me.^^

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