Monday, December 13, 2010

QE2 Xu Lapsap DJ

Sorry for neglected my blog for so long..hehhe..

Here's the Last week Maniac Mash Xu Lapsap party at QE2.
I was suppose not to go out on that night because I am having sore throat and also flu.
Plus Boyfriend was on the way back to Penang, I have to wait him but I ended up to be a bad gf and making him worry about me. I am so sorry.. sigh..

I had nothing much to say there cause I couldn't enjoy much that night. hmm..

Sara and I.:)

Ah Kuan


girls-Xin Xin, Vivi & Caryne. Guy- Slipper.


DJ Xu Lapsap!

Khuan was exhausted and she looks so tired..
Same goes to me..
I really not in the mood to club that night.
My nose was really suffer and I can't breath well.:(
Bad night bad day. But some parts are fun too with the funny people there. hehe..

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