Thursday, December 30, 2010

26 December 2010
Louis's Boss Housewarming day.
Outfit of the day from J'R La Bellee. hahhaa!! Promoting my clothes in my blogshop. lmao.
But it was the sold out items and I love the white knit shirt so I left one for myself=p
Actually, it was such a day which I am "so don't know what to wear day" and I keep asking baby what to wear? what to wear? and what to wear?! hahaa.. am so afraid of meeting so much of different peoples. and I mean..really different. =_____= They said I'm stupid! it's all humans not monsters la. haha and I was like 'yeah! what am I afraid of?' lol
On the way *ngek ngek*
Boss house was freaking awesome! That was my super duper dream house but someone ask me don't to take picture of his house better=( If not I am so gonna took the picture to share with you guys. I wish that was my house seriously. lol! I can't believe his master room with own big wardrobe. damn.. *jealous* tsk tsk..

The year of 2011 is coming. Why time passes so fast? I don't want to get old that fast T_____T There's few people said I become old already and now they call me "lao eh" in hokkien and English means OLD ONE. arhhhhh I guess was my hair style is making me look old ba..(trying to console myself) lol! I'm so not gonna cut my hair anymore and want my hair to grow longer like last time. Long and thick =,(
Can't wait for 31st December. teehee!!.. will come back to blog again in 2011 ! see you guys soon!=D

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