Monday, October 10, 2011

Khuan's Birthday in Oct

This was my very first post in October 2011. Guess there will be quite several of celebrations and functions in this month which is pretty awesome! Today's post was Ah Khuan's birthday bash in 1st of October. Her birthday date was actually in 3rd Oct. Yun Hao(her Bf) make a surprise party for her at Century Bay.:D

Vodka(Caryne's Husky), sometimes I love you, sometimes I hate youXD

Birthday Girl Khuan and I

Steamboat! They are worried about the food which is too many

The girls^^

No birthday cake on the day because she had blow 3 cakes before her party..
So Yun Hao decided to use a lighter and close the light, everyone sings birthday song for her. haha

Game time.. we are so gonna die die dieeeeee under this huge Chivas =/

Half way of the game, off for eating time! Don't to worry about the food which couldn't finish, because everyone will be like a hungry ghost in the midnight. Guess what time was it?

It's 3.51am and is almost 4am in the morning? hahahha   ignore my hairy hand arghhh

Game continued and most of them are almost KO hehee

Funny Sleeping ZzzZZzzzzz

Guess we went back around 6am=/
It was an awesome night which I miss it so much. haha
Most of the photo's was with Caryne so I'll just wait her to upload.=D

Post a youtube music which I like recently before I end this post.

Will be back pretty soon and hope you guys enjoy reading my not so boring post I suppose?=p

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