Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vodka Guinness! A special name for Pups !

AHHHHH What is this? haha
I guess this two kinds of puppies are really very famous now. lol.
It's Caryne's and Keith's Vodka and Baby Guinness! *Awwww aren't they look cute in sleeping? 

Those pictures is after bringing them for a dog wash! Before that they are very active and energetic actually and I almost scared of them but they are still very cute^^ hehe.
After we had our Lunch at Gurney Nandos, went back to the dog salon to pick the puppies up. And then they were so tired and slept on their thigh.
Vodka always wants his Mummy only.. haha

Guinness so cuteeeee^^

Caryne Beside me! My fake lips was.... omg.==

Sheryn and I.

We headed to Queensbay to meet the guys. We didn't took any pictures outside  but just in the car. LOL!Was totally forgotten of camera.
I guess adopting Pup is a T r e n d now! A lot of my friends are having pup's now. I want them so badly but I know I had no time to take care and to be with' em all the times like what my Pup's suffered last time. :( *Guilt*
But I'm gonna adopt pup again when I'm old enough and have times to taking care of them. hehe..


-LuvergalViv- said...

dropped by =) yes, adopting a puppy is a huge step. dont just do it because its just in trend, do it because you are ready. its a huge responsibility.

LeeHoeng said...

yeah you're right! Just visited your blog and your puppy is cute^^