Saturday, December 18, 2010

This is what I write when I am boring..

I am here just because of I'm boring. I had to admit now that I am here to blog only when I'm really really really BORING! So sorry to myself and also to my blog. haha. Had captured some close-up photos of me just now before going out (Because I am BORING) ZZzzzZzzzz

I found this Old fashioned red sun glass and also more glasses from my Mum's Make-up Drawer. She locked it and I never opened it since she passed away. My dad was the key holder all the times. lol..I didn't know my mum are such a huge fans of glasses actually. And I didn't know my mum was wearing contact lenses also!*shocked* Cause she will never ever allow her daughter and son to wear contact lens. My dad knew it all the while and he never tell.
Bad daughter! I not know enough my own mother. I guess I was still small last time?Never spend much time with my mum.=( I still miss her a lot everyday...I do love to talk to someone about mummy if they willing to hear because I never wanted to erase her from my memory. So sometimes, I talked to my boyfriend about her:) It has been so many years now..

Many people says I looked very alike with my mum when they saw my mum's photo hanging on the wall in our living room. We were like twins and my dad keep saying that my attitude was just like my mother too. haha. Like mother,like Daughter. =p

But TWO things I felt it's different was my mum's forehead has a M shape hair and also her eyelids are thicker but I don't have!=( WHYYYY? I want M shape forehead and thicker eyelids!:(

hehhee. Edited the colours of all those pictures. Me LIKEYYY=p
I am going to sleep now. A very sweet dreams to my self and also to you who is reading my blog.. :)

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