Monday, September 19, 2011


The weather are so cold these days. It was really a nice weather to sleep. On Friday, Baby's family came down to Penang and planned to Queensbay for shopping. It has been awhile I went out with baby and his family. And yet I woke up very late. Baby missed calls woke me up and When I saw the time I was like OMG! So messed up with everything! My eyes are swollen and I just had an hour to get prepared.O.o

you can see clearly my eyes are big and small=/

I've tried eye lids tape, it just couldn't help me at all=(

With Louis cousin, Siew Fong:)

Baby Baby..Muahhh
Having lunch at kenny rogers roasters.

New dishes with different tasted gravy, it is nice=D

A group picture with Baby's family before our shopping starts^^

Soya Ice-cream for my after lunch desert =p

I was so regret for not buying the shoe which I like that day..
NOT in a good mood cause my flats are hurting my feet, I need a rest.=,(

Baby's back are so protective and warmest =p

I  Lv e  Y ♥ u ♥♥

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