Monday, September 26, 2011

5 Girls to the beach.

Last Friday which is an awesome day to hang out with Vivi and Caryne and also with the two baby girls too-- Kiwi and Guiness! We brought them for a beach walk. And of course nonetheless photo taking! 5 girls to the beach. 3 is Me, Vivi and Caryne. another 2 is Kiwi & Guiness. HAHA

Kiwi is quite heavy and I am hard to carry her. I can't carry her for too long also.
She's just one word to describe - HEAVY! combined words- FatHeavy. (Fat & Heavy)  =/

How nice if Kiwi was like Guiness.
She is just one year old and with such a small size. Cuteee=D

Dog Prints on the sand

You know why I just took a photo of Guiness? Scroll down and you will know

This is why Guiness always ignores Kiwi.
Everyone doubt that Kiwi was a lesbo. OMGGG!
She hates male, and she loves to smell female's ehem part. Lol..
I'll just took this as a making friends sign of her =__=  Positive thinking! lol

Background was over exposed and it feels like walking to the heaven. haha

I wonder what was the smell of the sand which could make them smelled for so long. hahah
That is so Not Fun weiii

Cutie Guiness 

Kiwi was like mind her own business.

The tall and the short one. I wish I was tall but....... like Vivi say, no choice! haha

Messy & Ugly fringe, just ignore it!=(

See there's a small split on the tongue?
I don't know how does that happen.. Coz when the owner give her to us, her tongue was like that already.
Pity Kiwi=(

Suddenly become emo feel. haha

Emo Posing 2

Emo Posing 3 XD

Bridal shooting Spotted!

Beautiful Blue Sky of the day!

Last with our shadow~ It is time say bye bye to the beach!
See you next time=D

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