Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kiwi, My Dog=)

Brought (Kiwi) My dog for grooming on Monday after I had my metal surgery done.(Braces)=/
Now she's smelling good and super hyper active when she gets home.
I know she's very hungry and tired. After her crazy running here and there at home, I shouted "STOP!!ENOUGH" because it was kinda annoying when seeing her running like a crazy dog.=___= and she sits behaved in front of me breath of with mouth open.and Suddenlly with this kind of pose. SOOOO CUTEEEEE~I love you!!xxxx.

I say "Don't Move kay?Let me take a picture first" =p She's a good poser btw..haha!

Her expression was like, "you already taken picture of me and where is my FOOD??" =__=

After having her dinner, it was her sleeping time. Forcing her to take the last picture with me ended up with her eyes gonna close. I'm sowiee..haha
Apparently I just couldn't wait for my hair to grow. So I decided to pin up the "real" long hair.=/ Coloured my hair into darker...errr..brown? or green? I want it to be dark brown actually, but after dye out the colours become ashy green..fml.

Lastly, I just want to say... My teeth is really tight now. I felt really uncomfortable few hours after I came out from the dental. I barely can eat now. Sooo Hungryyy=(