Friday, August 12, 2011

Welcome Uncle James & Family=)

Hello=D My blogging mood is up from now. haha.
I miss Last month JULY so much because our family has alot of functions almost everyday. Uncle James and his family came to Malaysia for visiting and also to attending Cousin Pao Pao's wedding.  It is so much fun to mix with family and also all my cousins=D I am still missing JULY, so I was thinking to blog about it one by one XD

Cousin Ean plan for a dinner with all the families and friends at Culture Club. You may see inside was a pub, but it also served nice foods and drinks. The place was even nicer and relaxing;) Me and Vincent trying to promote this club in the picture. lol

 For entertainments and a small gathering, Culture Club might be the suitable one. 
May be for the older age i guess?. haha
Loving the tiger chair!

Cousin Chui a.k.a Monkey & My Bro. XD

(Cousin)Cutie Angel

All the orang-orang tua yang happy XD

Orang-Orang Muda yang Starving waiting for the foodsXD

The food is served finally! All Chinese food and it was all very nice!
Curious about the bread?Okay, the bread was actually going to eat with the curry gravy.haha

Kristy & Kandy are trying out the "Bang Guang Cha" (In chinese). I don't know what is it called in english. I guess all the chinese people might know it.
They loves it I suppose. haha

Vincent never eats vegetables. 
He ate because of Kristy and Kandy quite "forcing" him to eat it. hahaha Brave one.

Kristy, Kandy Monkey Vincent and my aunt Annie;)

After our fulled dinner, camwhore time!!! =D 10 sec was quite failed and we try and try all over again until we gets satisfied with it. Look down for more crazy-ness photos. O.o

GAHAHHAHAAA=P indoor not enough? How about outdoor?LMAO

Memang fail..... LOL

Even further............ changed to the road side. =_____=

Everyone was trying to acting like Zombie. I couldn't believe my bro would be joining us like crazy. hahahhaaa

Beware of the "Zombie" behind=.=''

She just loves it! hahaha

I guess the old us couldn't fight with the yonger one. we're all so tired except for the both sisters. loll!

 Uncle James & Angel^^ Angel is Frowning again...O.o

Aunty Shirley & Kristy

Photo-ing with Ah Ma^^

Part of the Family and friendsXD

I Guess it was The End of the post.

Watch out for our short trip to Hat Yai in the next post! Stay Tuned=D

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what a sweet family! <3 ;)