Saturday, January 29, 2011


I just realize I only have 3 posts on January 2011. Including this post was the 4th.. That's really pity man... T___T
My blog is getting Bored and bored!. How sad..=( I had nothing much exciting topic to post anymore because my life now was like keep thinking of work work and work! sigh.. Got to take a deep breath with some "Fresh Air" ! They're kinda polluted my activeness! I wish to have life s in the past more than now. Of course, Who doesn't want to enjoy as much as possible as they could afford to? Who doesn't want to have a playful life and without worries? ME! haha..

Today I would like to share with you all is that my brother had adopted one y.o Cockers Spaniel which gifted by god. haha! No la, is gifted by his friend and '' It '' is a female.^^ Although she's already one year and 2 months old, but we still love her like she already be the part of our family. Everyone loves her so much^^
The first day she came to our house,she was kinda afraid with the new environment/ new Home. But now she's so active! and her name is Kiwi^^ haha.

Her name actually was "Lui Lui" in Cantonese given by her previous master but daddy doesn't like that name.. My dad even want to give her to name JESS. HAHAHAHHAHA! Laugh die me. Me and Bro almost fainted! lmao. Then when I read a magazine, I saw kiwi fruit and I tell my dad that I wanted to buy kiwi. Then my brother's dog when listening to "Kiwi" she suddenly became active and so we named her as KIWI. lol..

When my bro friend first brings her to us, I was like OMG! she needs to go to pets salon to have a good change! We decided to cut her hair because her hair was all tied and messy which you couldn't even expect! How bad is the previous master. Never taking care of her hair=( So, me and dad bring her to pet shop the next day to trim and wash! and taadahhh! Nice and clean which you can see in the picture..I tied a scarf on her neck =p

I Love you Kiwi and so do Brother and papa. ♥

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