Friday, February 11, 2011

Chinese New Year Eve and Chu 1!


Every Year on Chinese New Year Eve, our family will went to 7 Temples for prayer.
I've stop following my family to pray for 2 years already and I felt really bad on it.
This year I am following them and Baby Louis was coming along with us too.=D

Putting an CNY outfit for Kiwi. hehe.. she also must have an outfit for herself during the Rabbit Year. =p
Jie Jie Sayang~~^^

She is having serious Panda Eyes. haha!!

Reached our first station to Pray at "佛学院". 6 more Temples to go.=D
So crowded and so many people! and I just captured some few photos only on the 1st station only and the rest was too crowded and we sweat alot!=O

Guan Yim ma~

7 Temples Prayer ends at 6.30am. =O The first thing we went back home is to wear the new pajamas and go to SLEEP! HAHA!! Prepare for our Bunny Year call on the afternoon. We usually went to grandma's house in the evening on the first day on CNY. We all know that everyone will woke up late because of the prayers. haha!=p


As usual which never change.  I'll woke up for a short time on 9am SHARP because of the Lion Dance, drams and all those fire crackers noises and voices from my neighbor. I'll sleep back after half an hour which the sounds was not so Loud?=/  haha. I don't know how to think a word which can describe with an auspicious way.Lol.. watever lah... 

I was thinking to wear a Red Dress on the first day but with my second thoughts, I think I better wear a comfortable tops and a long Red Jegging is better than wearing a dress since I am not going out to anywhere but to Aunt/Grandma's house only. Till now, I haven got a chance to wear my Red Dress yet. =.=!
say hello to my sister, Kiwi . haha!

Those puppies gathering on Ah Ma house! haha!
3 different breed. English Cockers spaniel, Pomeranian and baby cockers spaniel.

Lucky so cute^^

Welcome my cousin's New puppy named HAPPY! Now his house got HAPPY go LUCKY! haha!! I love her so muchhhhh.. she is so adorable with the pink cheong sam and she has a sleepy face. Lol..

Poor Kiwi she was afraid of the crowd.

Cousin's and Monkey's GF are upstairs playing mahjong.

The Kids are playing Wii !! oppps.. I'm the kid also cause I joined them and also Mr. Louis Tan. haha!

Oh Noooo!! Mayb they are just trying to communicate with different ways? with smelling each others butt. okay, that's sounds weird. = /

Gong Xi Fa Chai Ah Ma! =D

Our Big Big Family photo with the 3 puppies.^^

is there anything nice to see?==

Me and my couz Ping Ping=D

Fire works time!

Grandma with Grand Sons and daughters.=D

The crazies us! haha


Mother with Daughters and Sons.

Yo!! Here comes the HIP HOP Ah Ma!!! hahahhaa..

Photo below was all each families photos. hehe.

Awww the little one was so tired already and she don't even realized that I carried her to the rocking chair. She doesn't care and doesn't wake up even though you touch her.. she wont wake! hahhaa  Freaking adorable~~
And I guess from those photos above, it was more like the year of DOG more than the year of Rabbit! hahahhaha!

That is all for my Chu 1 of CNY. I'll come back with my Chu 2 soon^^

Happy Rabbit Year everyone!!!^^

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