Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SP day 3 and 4

3rd day of CNY.
Are you guys getting ready to read this post? Because it might be quite a long story and also with those crazy funny bunch of hyper people. haha.=p

Went to Dear's hometown SP and will be staying there for 3 days 2 nights.:)
As i went to Club day before to SP,I just have an hour sleeping time and I am so regret that I didn't pack my stuffs earlier. If not, I could have more sleeping time. :(
The very pale me without make up. This is who I am which is so lazy to make up early in the morning with those sleepy minded. BRAVo! I still can camwhore and rarely forcing my eyes to open widely with the sunlights on. =_____=
Wearing glasses without glass. Yeah this is a trick to cover up your entirely tired eyes. Good Job for myself.=*/

Dear and his friends are planed for having steamboat for dinner, so they went to a place to bought all the steamboat needed foods.
I have no Idea where am I and I just followed them.

The guys is buying steamboat stuffs.

This is not our steamboat for tonight. We're at Beh house to filled something into our tummy because we're hungry.

Heineken for the night! haha

It is time for dinner!=D

Soon Lik's Horse tail. hahahha

I thought this should be the girls job, But.........
Apparently the world is switching. The guys is doing the kitchen's Job. And the girls are resting and waiting for the steamboat to be done. Muahahhaha.=p  

Welcome to girls world. Lol=p

San San and Jia Jing.

Ready to makan..=D

Dear is very happy that night! ^^

I just uploaded some group photos only because there is too much of random photos and I just don't know how to choose.Too blur d..~~@@ I guess I will upload all the very random one to FB. haha.. So here's all the photos I've choosed.:)

The bat man's glasses do you even dare to wear it in public?haha


Ok la.. DearI know you wear d very yeng la..=__________=
But can you pass it to others which wanted to wear also? haha.=p

Group Pictures=)

Gaming time~~

Kheli, San San & Li Ying.

Changed my cloths wearing Boyfriends t-shirt because I am so sweat. Tied my hair all up and I feel very comfortable! lol..

Beng Ling and Candle. :)

It was ANG PAO time!! haha..
Hao is giving out Ang Paos for the kids. LOL!
Everyone lining up one by one to get the ang pao..

But some after getting it.. and line up again to cheat him. lol!!

See Hao is kinda confused. He even said " I thought you have taken my ang pao d? not meh?" hahahha

Wishing words: 祝你万事如意,新年快乐,年年有余。LOL

Ang Pao given..

But still want to choose! LMAO!

That is the funniest dance I've ever seen! lol..


CNY Day 4.
Afternoon everyone came to Dear house for gambling. Won some money while gambling. I'm happy! =p
At night, we went to a seafood restaurant located in SP. The place is very
“ULU” and no one knows what place is this. Thanks to Jia Jing for bringing us there. haha

But heard they said you can search this place in GOOGLE.
Juat type the restaurant name,

The environment is very nice!!

Baby and I.
Sudah makan habis..

Dear said he will definitely pay a second visit to that place. No doubt,the food and the environment all are really good. Love the place!

That is all for now, I hope I'm not making you guys to fall asleep while reading my blog.=D