Monday, February 14, 2011

CNY Chu 2!

CNY day 2 is the day which I could meet my lovely friends and also my Mum's families.:) Went to aunt's house for having lunch and I just forgotten to bring my camera.:(
After lunch went to Jawi to visit our relatives and had our 2nd round lunch with steamboat again. Our tummy was gonna burst! haha..This is why I am afraid of CNY because we not just taking ang pao but have to eat alot of delicious foods! I gained 1kg during CNY. It is quite an OMG amount to me!=/

At night before went to Mois, I went to my ex schoolmates Sri Inai's reunion and I just went there for like half an hour?Sry guys=( And party started at Mois with Dj Gold fish and Blink!:)
I have nothing much to say.. Let the picture to do the talkings:)
Long time no see. Siao Ping and caryne.:)

Xin Xin and sheryn

Welcome back Wei Wei Ann!

Amanda & Alice:)

Sheryn, me and wei wei ann.
Caryne, Venice and Catherine

What Face is this ? haha


Haze and Loon!

GoodBye Edwin~~Will be seeing you again when your back to M'sia!:)
Venice and I=)

May and I:)
haha.. I'm speechless.=.=''

Feelin gay?lol

Slipper or yi han? yihan or slipper? ZZZzzzZZZzz

Went for supper after party as usual:)
It was a great night with all of them. I enjoyed it much and i guess so do others=D

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