Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kek Lok Si.

Kek Lok Si night.
This was the second time I went to Kek Lok Si on CNY to see the beautiful lighting.
Last year, I went there with Louis. This year, with Louis and friends.hehe..
I hope next year will be more and more. How about with family and friends?haha! My wish for next year. Hope I wont forgot as I am a very forgetful person. Like an old woman...or even worst than that.=O

Beautiful lights on Kek Lok Si...(v)

It was abit darker without flash light. hmm..

Baby, I know it was a Rabbit year..=.=''

is me again...

Baby and I.

Chee Wen, Kheli, Bee Ling, Panda Liang and Louis.

Waiting for cable car..


4 Cute little kids.^^

I was busying choosing something. hehe


I didn't know I have this photo until baby told me.==

Yeah! I bought this 3D photo back home. RM12 for the medium piece.=D

I was freaky shy while doing this posing. haha

Me and Panda.

Baby and I.

They were this big while I ZOOM IN.

and they were this small while I ZOOMED OUT. haha

Lol.. Panda with the Tiang -Tiang. XD
Before going back, Lets have some group picture!
Goodbye and the end of the story.=D

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