Monday, February 21, 2011

all in one

I spent my whole CNY with lotsa fun with my families, Boyfren and also frenzie. :)
Although my Ang Pao was not that much,.....=p but I could say it was the greatest CNY I've ever had.:) Unfortunately, received 2 bad news during cny and my condolences to Louis's friend which involved in the bad news.  

I am lazy to have a long post one by one, so I'll have a quick post today:)
Baby and I spent time in SP and I had fun lotsa fun and also won some money back to Penang. haha:p

Attended Ping's 21st Birthday on 7th day of CNY.
Went to SOI after her birthday party.:)

Happy 9th day of CNY,
Having "Pai Ti Kong" day and got to eat "Sio Tu" haha!
This year our pig was kinda overbaked and it looks black.=/  But it was good to eat also.:)

10th day of CNY went to Chulia street. There is a function every year will be held there.
I forgotten what is the function called. But I can see alot of beautiful heritage things there. I definitely will go again next year!^^

Long long long time ago Tins...=O
Beautiful fire crackers...

Cute baby shoes.. I wish I can bought one for my babies. But still have to wait many years to have baby. haha!=.=

Having some shooting for Kiwi.=p Although Kiwi is a female.. But everyone thought that ''she'' is a ''male''=____=  and she seriously act like a "tomboy" like what in the picture shows below.LMAO.

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