Sunday, October 10, 2010


Everyone knows today was a very special day which is the perfect 10.10.10!The luckiest day in a 100 years. Last Night been to friend's birthday party, there are 4 person which birthday on 101010, wish them a Happy Happy Birthday=)

Today,I don't know why, I looked back to the very old photos of me and my bf Louis Tan.
We knew each other since the end of 2006, it has been 4 years already.. time passes really fast huh? The very 1st picture that we took together on 2006.
Gosh, we are so so young that time. haha!

We meet again in 2008, and we became couples. hehehehehee... =)
Uploaded some photos for memories flashback. hehe..
All those younger times.... :)

The end of 2008 and welcome 2009=)

This year 2010!!

Although 2years more was just quite a short time, but those pictures I've saw back was like so so many years already. haha!! A lot that we had been through and the road is still long for us to walk together and to face the future.
I love you so so much and thanks for everything. ^^

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