Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to Jia Jing..=)

Last Thursday,14th of October is Mr. Louis Tan's BFL(Brothers For Life) Birthday. hehe..
Went to Fatty Loh's having western food then 2nd round to 8roll karaoke to celebrated his birthday.But damn.. I am having sore throat and cough non stop but I still enjoyed my singing.. Forced myself to sing actually. ended up my throat become more serious the nxt day. ==

Yammmm Senggg. haha..

Mr. Tan act cute.. lool

see,I told you they are BFL.

Don't play play. lol..

Baby and I.^^

From left, Beng Ling n her Bf, Kheli, Panda Liang, Lay Yin, Soon Lik, Jia Jing & I. =)
Baby was the photographer. hehe..

Me me..XD

Cake time! hehe..

Jia Jing, the birthday boy=)

I guess he was too happy. hahahhaaa

Jia Jing & Kheli..

You both looks gay lo.. LOL!!

Us with the Birthday Boy..

and continue sing again.. ehhe.

what are u doing panda?=.=''

We went back around 2something am.. Although my throat was getting worse, overall it was a great and fun night with all of them^^
there is still got alot of photos and I will upload them in facebook. hehe..
I'm going to update for the nxt post later when I am free.
Thats all for now, Bye and stay tune for the nxt post.;)

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