Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What an experience..;)

Went to Hat Yai last Saturday. We stay one night at Changloon. The place was quite a death town, all the Malays and guess what, got free food on that day due to some kind of community stuffs. The only Hotel in Changloon is Changloon Hotel. hahaha!! It was quite an experience and adventures staying there. We walked 1km=1000meters to the shopping mall because the taxi says so near only don't want to fetch us and ask us to tumpang others taxi's.=.='' So, we walked quite a distance on the high way, it was dangerous cause u wont even know when the motors comes behind us.

Let's talk back our hotel room in Changloon..
the room was quite big.. 2 double bed.BUT! it was so dirty!! what do you expect? it's just RM80 per night. The bed was fulled of dust even when u used ur hands to wipe it, your hand will be BLACK in color.lmao!! I'm not mad of the hotel room or the uncle, I laughed because it was quite fun for taking this as an experience. hahaaa.. We asked the uncle to change the bed sheets for us, uncle hand us the new one and ask us to change our self cause he said his maid was not there that time. (I wonder if there's a maid!) hahaXD So nevermind lah, we are the good customers, *cough cough* just change our self lah! haha

Hey everyone, Did you see the "no smoking" sign?
This probably was a joke, No smoking but there's an X Ray beside the sign. Laugh die me when I told baby to see this on the table. lol!! Those were already there when we checked in to our hotel room. hmmm...

Had lunch at Marry Brown. Heavy rain outside

We ate this satay at night as our dinner and also a mamak just downstairs of our hotel.
The food there was quite nice.:) But I'm suffering from fever that night..I guess is I lack of sleeping time and also because of the weather. Luckily there is a grocery shop which selling Panadol.. Thanks baby for taking care of me.:)

The next early in the morning, it's time to go Hat Yai to find my dad and bro.^^

Stopping at a kopitiam to have some drinks.

Teh Tarik.=)

Hat Yai Hat Yai woohoo.:)
the road signs.... my eyes goes...blank..==

Having breakfast with my parents and then went for shopping after that of coz. hahaXD
We bought this cute little apple, it looks cute but tasted sour..X)

They work hard for living..

These boots are made for walking.:)

This is one of my favorite picture.;)
Thanks to my baby=)

did you see the tuk tuk guy smiling with his white teeth? He asked baby to took a picture of him. hahhahaa!! Nice one tuk tuk driver! lol..

Stop and rest for awhile and continue at the night market.
That is the place that I love the most. Night market = shopping hell & heaven. lol..
It's HOT like hell, but the price are very cheap and the goods are nice like heaven.=.=''

I just uploaded some pictures here cause there is too many of photo we took and my connection sux. Alright, I'll stop here and have a good night everyone. Sleep early for tomorrow's jogging.
I'm sick n I need more sweat ! hehe
Night guys!;)

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