Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good Morning all^^

Hello and Good morning to all readers. I get up quite early today and in fact I slept very late last night. argh.. Insomnia nowadays since last week. I have to put on shades or glasses for not letting you guys to see the extremely black color surrounded my eyes. -___- I guess was my pillow problem. Yes, now I am blaming my pillow.-_____-  But Idk why I felt very energetic now although I still feel dizzy like my head is turning round and round like Mary go round. I sms-ed boyfriend when I first opened my eyes, he replied. " WAH!!! "(with the exclamation marks.) and then continue with "so early today!!"  wth.. He definitely sounded like the whole world is going to fall. haha.. too exaggeration I guess. And also few weeks ago I woke up 6am everyday to go jogging with my dad, he getting even shocker and thinks that I am lying, then he asked my dad. LMAO!
Today, I have an important 'mission to do.  First of all is reading this book.XD

This book is really can make a great value in our life. The content is good with all those meaningful quotes and so on. I cried when I read it seriously. It thought us how to be human, how to control our anger, fear and worry and etc etc etc. The book written is not for sale because my Dad brought it back home from a temple few years ago. I am so regret that now only I realized to read this book. But never too late to regret because I am reading it now. I love this book! Thanks to my dad.
Second of all, after reading is work time! May all the good fortune follows us. Do have a great day everyone! ^^