Monday, November 1, 2010

Sunset with my love ones.=)

Since don't know when, Louis and I had stop getting a real OUR date with each other. I can't remember when is our last spending times together just two of us sitting down having a cool drinks,relax and have a good chat to each other. hmmm.. I am so happy that he took me to sunset bar last week. ^^ The main is to go there to relax and chats, so we just took a few of photos and I was shy that the flash was too dazzle and could have disturbed those some couples there. lol..
Coconut is our love=D

I edited those pictures to make it look more play full and it wont get boring! Although I know I had ruin the feel at the beach. haha.. 

Somehow, I just love this picture..;)

Luckily it doesn't rain that night and our date had went on smoothly.
I loveeee youuuu Louis Tan.^^

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