Saturday, November 20, 2010

just a post when I cannot sleep on late night.

Hello again my lovely readers.;] I wonder who is still awake now in 2am? It was so miserable cause I cannot sleep tonight. U know it's not that I don't want to sleep, just that I already had 10 hours of sleep so I can't fall asleep again. Great news that I need to wake up at 6.30am in the morning later. shuuT! This is what I call SELF-INFLICT. I shouldn't slept so long and I offed my alarm and continue to roll on my bed and sleep like I was sleeping with marshmallows. Awww what do you think? it's soft and comfort. what the hel*? Do I really  mean marshmallows? lmao. So yeah, tomorrow is the day which I could put on a thicker concealer to conceal my extremely dark eyed circle. I don't wanna to scare the shets' out from the others. nah, I don't want to be evil as I'm really evil?hmm..i don't know. mayb some others would think that. neh i just don't care because I am mentally deaf. I wonder why I have to wrote like this.. I wonder why I must act like my english is very good? my English sux man.. it is not wrong for me to learn right unless u think I am old enough to learn. Guess what, my translator sux too. I searched for a word of the meaning but it doesn't give me some illustrative sentence to use the word. So I just simply added some sentence and I don't care if its right or wrong.. unless someone told me? haha. Alright its getting late and I'm going to force myself to sleep.  Goodbye and goodnight.

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