Monday, November 29, 2010

Date with Baby =)

On Sunday, Baby and I went to 1st Avenue. I thought the mall was quite big but when 1st walked in was like just an L shape. Kinda small but plenty of escalators.=.='' A lot of shops haven opening yet, so I have nothing to walk there. Just wanted to have lunch because I am so hungry! X)

Why not try something that we haven try before? Had my lunch at "Zhu Shi Fu". Why am I just said "My Lunch" ? it is because baby had taken dim sum with his family in the morning and he haven feel hungry yet that time. So I eat alone..=(
Zhu Shi Fu Menu..haha..

The environment there was not bad..

 Baby is drinking chocolate peanut ice-blended. He said it is super nice!

My lunch, Korean Pickle mee. Very niceeeee!!!^^

Yummy yummy!! The food was not bad at all and I order some more foods after that but forgotten to took pictures. haha. I miss the foods already.=( I want to go there eat again other day! hehe..
At the Balcony of 1st Avenue.=) I do like the color.. and I Never edited this pictures..^^

Baby and I..
After 1st Avenue, baby said he wanted to go Teluk Bahang..  while on the way going, suddenly it started to rain.. =( But luckily it just a short rain and the rain stops before we reached there.XD
Baby was the best photographer to me. hahaXD Every time we went out, he just want to hold the camera and doesn't want me to holding it. so bad him..unless I begged him for the camera. LMAO!!!


It just a simple date we had every time we out. I love it as long as he's always beside with me.=) Coming these few days baby will not have much time to accompany me already. so sad..=( But it is okay because he has to work hard also.. I love you baby! =)

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