Monday, November 22, 2010

Knit Collection Opening.

Grand opening of Knit Collection on Saturday,19th of November.
The shop is located in Raja Uda nearest KFC roll. Nothing much to say. Some pictures is I get them from Kenny's Camera.. so lets just see those pictures i posted.;)

Choosing some accessories.;)

Everybody is doing their own things...

Baby and I.

Allen pun keep kacauing people's cloths and etc etc.  lol!!

This guy makes alot of laughter to people. lmao. 

There's two frames without photo's.Allen pun put his photo on that frame..hahaha.. beh paise nia.. LOL!!

Get a closer look of the instant photo. lol

Wish Knit Collection have a Prosperous Business now and also in the future!!=D

I woke up very early that day and just slept 4 hours.. and I did'nt sleep at all after went back from Butterworth cause having a last minute called from two customers. At night still got Botak's sister birthday wedding. I'll come here soon with this post because I'm waiting for the photo's from the girls camera. ;) 

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