Thursday, November 25, 2010

A night which everyone gathered together:)

It's so nice to see them again at McBotak sister's wedding.=D Some others has been awhile I never meet them. I was so excited and kan cheong that day because I am too happy and can't wait to see them. hahaXD

But so bad my bag fell down to the floor and my 550D UV Cracked and I got shocked! You can't believe my eyes. I looked at the broken glasses and hanged like few seconds.T________T I just don't know what to do and luckily Shane came to the rescue! haha!! So sad I couldn't use my cam to took pictures too long that night cause I'm affraid of the broken glass cuts my lens. WHY am I so careless???. T__T  But luckily still got the girls camera only I can "steal" photo's from fb. hehee.. Thanks btw^^

The girls... Xin Xin, Me, Caryne & Sheryn^^ ( Photo's from Sheryn)

yannnggggggggggg Shannnneeeeeeeeeeeeee. hahaXD

Spotted the guy with ballon - Teng Chau.. what are you doing behind?lol..

The balloons are cute! I really wish I can take back home but I scare people say I am childish! haha

Vivi, Caryne, Xin Xin, Sheryn, me, and Jenna the future Super Model ^^
So cham I am the shortest in the picture. lmao.

Everyone went to Soi11 after the dinner.

Alice and I.^^

Sheryn, Caryne, I, Alice, Catherine and the guy behing-Mikael. lol..

leehoeng, keiho, juki, Shane & Cat!

And of coz, me and baby=)

Long time no see !! Soonlye and I.;)

Siao Ping came after that. ^^

I and Xin Xin..=D

And a nice combination of photos from Siao Ping:)

Actually there is still more photos at Vivi & Caryne's camera, but I cannot wait their photo already. hahaXD It was really a great night and the only day which everyone's gathered around together. Never had been that day before since long time ago.hehe. Love~

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