Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pizza Hut Extreme Cheesy 6!

Louis and I went to try the Extreme Cheesy 6 at Pizza Hut!
At first we went to the nearest Pizza Hut at Farlim but the service there was very poor. We waited for so long and no one is there to serve us. Even I saw the Indian family went there before us, I guess they were there for quite long because I can see their frowning faces. But yet we saw the waiter/waitress walking here and there,customers calling them and they would just say "WAIT a min". wtf. Then I told baby, why not we change to the Gurney Sunrise Pizza Hut by staying there wasting our time to wait for the poor service..right?
Baby agreed with me and switched our place to Sunrise Pizza Hut. =)
At least there, we don't need to wait for so long. They served us once we seated. Good!=D

 Louis looks chubby in the 1st picture. haha!! While waiting for the foods, baby was playing Sodoku. His favourite game.

And I, taking pictures and enjoying my Mango yogurt Ice Blended. teehee!!

L.H = Lee Hoeng
I don't know how baby can think of making our short formed name with the Chicken Bones.=________= ''
L.T = Louis Tan

LH yeap that's me!=)

The Pizza Hut Extreme Cheesy Six with extra topping, Cheesy Chicken. lol..

It was so..... CHEESY!!! I likeyyy! haha..

Crazy about cheese sms contest!
1st November - 31st December 2010.
If you spend minimum RM30 inclusive of Extreme Cheesy 6, then you're qualify to join the contest. hehe.. see the picture for more information.=)
Baby had sms-ed and hopefully we can win an apple ipad? hahaXD
Just hopefully la. ;P

Next time to pizza hut, I wanna try the other flavor. No way cause I am a cheese lover! =D

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