Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fun Wedding Dinner.

Hello , today I am here to write about the wedding dinner which me n Louis n his friends had attended last Saturday. Sorry for the bad results of photos. My bloody LUMIX cam was lousy and “she's” very OLD. Drop down for several times until the lens cover couldn't open automatically. I had to do it myself manually using my fingers to open it. Grrr!! I thought we're not gonna be taking picture in the wedding dinner but who knows turn out with zillions of it. ==  Regretted for not bringing my Canon DSLR.=(
Never mind lah! Lumix needs to "work out" btw for not making it to be lazy and old.hahahha!!

All right lets go back to the topic, I've been attending so much of friends wedding dinner and this time is Louis BFL sister's wedding. The wedding dinner I attended this time was much more different then I've been attended for the past few one's. The video that the Groom took had really impressed us and it was quite creative. The groom really had a good voice and also a good guitar player. Awww..So sweet and so romantic of him...

Everyone dressed up nicely to the dinner and we was shocked seeing someone which we've never seen them dressed and make-up like a lady before. I doesn't mean that in real not lady, just that it gives us a different thoughts that night.;)

Bee Ling n I.

Beng Ling and Kheli.
They both really look great that night and also must dressed more like how they look in the picture often. hehe..^^

Panda Liang & Louis Tan.=)

Me and my baby Louis.;)

Chia Ching! His sister Candy was married and he was very happy! haha..

Poses banyak tu...=.=''

Chia Ching Girlfriend!! =D

Jorise's Boyfriend!!! LOL..

I guess we are the only table that are NOT ENOUGH EAT. Everyone ate like a hungry beast. Oh ya!! Halloween is coming.. NO WONDERrrr. hahaha..  XD

I told you he was very happy.. very high! hahaha..

BFL. Brothers For Life! Everybody started to took pictures here and there. Non stop taking! lol.. Lets enjoy!!!

Sorry Panda you're blur..X)

We sit together eat together. hahaXD

*shy shy* A kiss to my baby.^^

Chia Ching & Louis


Hello, Yam seng? ehehe..

Panda & Lay Yin.:)

hahahaaa.. Funny!

Can't believe he is so "zhi lian" Narcissism.lol!!

SoonLik, Kheli, Panda, me & Beng Ling.

Spotted Louis! hahahhahaa.. Bad panda stick a paper on Louis head and kena snap! lol!!! Laugh die me!!! HAHAHAHA..

A pretty photo. =D=D=D

Which one are couples? hehehe..


Beng Ling & Chia Ching.

Us with Chia Ching's family. hehe..

A group picture with the pretty Bride.^^
And also the Groom=)

Acting cool huh? lol..

Big head big head..XD

After the dinner, went to Chia Ching House to karaoke and to chill with drinking wine. Of cause I'm not drinking. But I had to drink it when I lose in the game. sigh.. I hate wine and also beer! I wonder how they can drink it like drinking water. =.=''

This guy kena drinking Red wine the most  . hahaha.. Kesian him he's halfway drunk I guess..lol

They are "one team" . lol..!!!

What had happened? I actually couldn't recall back in this picture....hmm..


K.O. hahhahaXD

Singing time..=)

I've said, no I don't drink. what? I've been some kind a freak to prove to you all that I don't drink. wtf. LOL. I know ya'll know! I just love the Heineken's can. It's longer than the normal cans man. haha.

Two Crazy Guy. hahaXD

OMG! they're acting gay. Or mayb they are? whahahaha=p

OPPPSSSSS!!! Spotted something!! No, you can't see it, everybody can't see it but I saw it!! Just pretend that you don't saw. hahaha.. shhhhh.

Got cha!!!

Acting cute lo. lmao
Baby seems so freaking exertion while singing. lol

Beng Ling and her Boyfriend:)

A last picture to end the post.

Guess what..I took more than 2 hours to finish this blog. OMG. n I had to go now.
Bye folks ! Will be coming up soon with more posts. Chiaoooo~~;)

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