Monday, October 18, 2010

Saturday & Sunday:)

It's been a long time never been to Queensbay Neway already.
The last time I been there remember was like 5 months ago and this was the second time I went there. haha.. Friday, the day that everyone gathered around. Long time no see u all and I am so happy. hehe..

Sheryn & I.

Ah Kuan, Sheryn & Alice..

Finally everyone reached. =)

This photo I copied from Shane's album..hehe..

Sheryn & Caryne. =)

Khuan so tham jiak..ahhaa..=p

Alice and chao^^

Ladies and gentlements, here come the "GAYA" pose of the photographers. LOL!!!!

#Gaya number one, Shane.

#Gaya number 2 , Cyrus. And the table reflected him on the next photo below.LOL

And this guy is already out of control.. HAHHAHAHAA

I am so happy to meet them that day. hehe..everyone went back at 3am. Neway foods was quite nice but the drinks... Lousy I guess=='' RedBox at Gurney plaza 7th floor open for so long already and I had never been there once. sigh... I wan to go the oneday!! hehee..


The next afternoon, went to lunch at paparich at e-Gate with the 3 "S". Shane, Sheryn and Slipper. Haha..




Me and Sheryn. I like the color of Shane's Camera!

FOODSSSSS is love love love.. lol

Me acting pro.=.=''

I am waiting for boyfriend to finish his work then we went to Gurney for movie at night.
We watched THE OTHER GUY. But this movie to me is just ok ok only lo.. hmmm..
A bit disappointed cause The Rock so fast die in the movie..=(
That's all for my days. hehe..

Time passes really fast and I can't wait for next month.!^^

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