Thursday, September 30, 2010

Copthorne Hotel with family^^

Last Friday, instead of going to the 7taste party,
I spent my times with my lovely family. ^^
They booked a hotel room in Copthorne Hotel and the place is simply beautiful.
Okay, let those pictures to tells you the story. =)

I look huge ain't I? haha

Baby and I just love this picture.:)


The lights, omg I love it so so much!
Next time when I got a huge bungalow, I surely wanted to have this kind of light! haha..

Our room number 1520.


I have no idea what am I doing..=.=''

This was the view we can see through out the room.=)

The clouds were so beautiful..

Spotted something? hehe

Blurry blurr

This is the swimming pool in Copthorne Hotel.


Baby's pose. haha

Us. You and I.=)

my aunt and Uncle James is preparing to go for a swim.
But sadly they can't swim in the afternoon cause the sky ain't beautiful that day.

My uncle.XD

While waiting for them, baby and I have some self shot.hehe..

And then went back to the hotel room after their swim..
My bro took this. I want to have braces asap,I hope.
For so long I've been craving for.. sigh..

Now everyone is getting prepared to dinner at TSUNAMI. ^^

My bro act cute! hahahhahaa!!!!

My Grandma & Uncle.

My papa.^^

At TSUNAMI seafood restaurant.
The food there was awesome delicious!
I love every dishes of foods there which had been served on the table.

Chili Padi. I dare not to eat . haha

My cousins. Ping & Ying.:)

Grandma so happy. hehee..

Baby's acting cute. X)

Is me again.=)

After having dinner, gone back to hotel room chit chats and watch tv. Some went down to play ting ting..haha.. I had a very great week with my family. But sadly I didn't took a group photo of our family members and also because of some are not there and went back earlier.=(
Somehow,Nothing is more important than family.
I love my FAMILY.^^

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