Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lucky Boy^^

Little Lucky boy in the house.hehe
My cousin ask me took very good care of him for one week and I said can I have it forever?haha.. I wonder if Lucky can barks? I never heard him bark but just once when he saw himself in the mirror, for just ONE bark. That's why I love him so much cause he's not noisy. haha.. Very "hamsap" he always wan to follow me but not my 2 guy in the house. He scared of them. I wonder is he a pervert or what? hahahha!!:p

Here's some pictures of Lucky..
Isn't he adorable?^^

Sleep also very cutieee! haha

Looks old school huh? XD

One day Loon came to my house and unbelievable he likes Loon . ==

Somehow I just Like this picture. haha..

and that's all of Lucky.;)
Going out for dinner anyone? I'm starving! T.T...

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