Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2 days 1 night at Bukit Merah :)

Hello there again..
I'm here now with blogging mood! wahahhaa..
I know my blog is very very very boring recently n I'm trying very hard to improve my lovely blog. haha.

Last week, September 10th, 2 days one night at Bukit Merah with my Dearest Boyfriend and his big big family! Me and boyfriend and his brother and cousin bro woke up at 5.30am in the morning. ZZZzzzZZZzzz.. Cause we thought his family is going to depart at 7.30am that's why we need to woke up early to rush to Bertam to meet them. =.=''
Mana tau, when we know they 11m only want to go, our mood become ZZZzzzZZZzzzzzzz.
Since we still have alot of times, so we go to Pasar for having our Breakfast.
And since we no need to rush, we very slow motion and take our own sweet time to go back SP. lol..

And wait this and that, finally 11am sharp we are on the way going d.
This picture is we almost reach Bukit Merah d. Cause while on the way, I sleep the whole journey. hahaha! XD

Our Hotel=)
I think should be Apartment? haha

They took alot of home cook foods. Like going to picnic. I was so shy to
Everything was delicious! I ate till very full and we had to rest for awhile and then only start to enjoy our sports? hehe..

Baby look so tired...

The swimming pool view from our appartment:)

Baby's brothers. ;)

Bukit Merah resort was just a few kilometers away from our apartment.
So many people there cause it was Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

You wont believe how many people in the family are going along.
This picture is only half of his family. haha..

Me and Borfriend.^^

The father and the kids.;)

I just love this picture..
Credits to Mr. Louis Tan^^

Wow so many cousins-cousins. They all are so cute.
I love them so much^^

Come lets took a picture and also with the maid. hahaXD

Me and boyfriend again.:P

I think we played around 3 to 4 hours and everyone was tired.
Somehow, Bukit Merah are not the same as last time anymore.
Now there are nothing special to play anymore accept for just playing water and the slide.
But It was fun too with the kids^^


The brothers!

Went back to apartment for having dinner and chit chat.
I slept very early that night and I forgotten how early I slept cause I am superb tired! ZZzzZz

The next day, before going back in the morning, took this little girl photo 1st. hehe..

bye bye appartment..

and bye bye Bukit Merah~~ hhehhee..

I will not gonna be in Penang again for 4 days.
Gonna come up here soon with more exciting post and also my friends wedding day.;)
See y'all soon ya. xoxo.^^

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