Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Belated lantern festival.

Happy Belated Lantern Festival. haha
Again another late post..
Moon cake festival to me is nothing special just that I can eat a lot of my favorite Moon Cakes with egg yolks inside. Yum Yum~~^^

That day, baby and I went to Alex house just having some small lantern festival celebrating.

It's me n look weird..==

when reached, just 2 of them preparing to burn up the bbq. haha

Nvm, we don't understand English nor Malay of that words.=.=''

Very Noisy, Naughty but cute puppy. hehe..

I dare not to touch them cause heard one of them can bite. ouch!!

Everybody is here already...

Lai lai lai.. Lai lao juak! haha (hokkien)
But lantern celebration without lanterns.. haha.
Everyone just there to eat and having fun;)

Aiyoyo.. so sweet~~ I want~~ hahaa!!

bbq bbq bbq bbq So many chicken wings..~~

The view outside his flat.

hahahha.. Kenny I'm so sorry..
I don't know who capture but my job is just upload ur photo here. LMAO!

Dai Gao very good he bbq chicken wings for everyone. hehe

erm.. you again.. trying to jump but failed to captured.aikz..

Hello puppies:)

Playing cards in the cold room.

After midnight, me and baby went back first cause we still need to wake up early in the morning.. It was just a simple bbq at his home and a great night with all of them:)
next post will be about families.. so stay tune....^^

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