Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Change we can Believe in :)

Hello readers again,
Came up to my blog and post 2 posts a day is really hard to me since few months ago. haha..
But today, I broke my record and to spend my times with my blog. ^^

Oh and I've changed my name in facebook again. But this time I want it to be fixed and will be using this name for my further future and so on. :) Somehow I need a proper christian names for my jobs needed too. So, one of my old man gave me this name "Jorise". What do you guys think?hehe. :) I'm not that use to it yet. But it got a beautiful meanings and "Jo" is the same front 2 words as my dad and my bro's christian names. Now, there's 3 JO's in the house! haha..

Now I've stepped into a good company with much good opportunities that they had gave to us. The company really had leads me to the way that I wanted to be. Now I know the answer with "who am I?" Sometimes when we are too busy, just stop doing all those works and rest for a while and think. Because, when you are too busy, you will start to lost, then you'll be blind and had no directions which what are you busy for.
like what Chinese says 忙--茫---盲----亡..

Everything comes slowly. don't force yourself and be patient cause something that we want, one day they will belong to us if we are hardworking and never stop believing.
Like what Obama says, Change we can believe in.=)

Good luck to everyone and also to myself^^

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