Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunny day!

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
H-i guys! I was so excited to go to the beach last weekend and I guess because of this, I couldn't sleep the night before and I just slept like 3 hours? =/ 
But the day at the beach was FUN FUN FUN! lol

You might think this dog is scary and E-WWW..
But I think this is so C-O-O-L with its skin. "IT" do actually have tiger striped and "it" look like a white tiger.... err okay,I mean the skin. Don't you think? he-he-heeee

 Foods provided. Ham Ham my Favorite!=D
They are fixing something.

 I love her cutie cam~

W-O-W! Sheryn actually do have sexy....... ..... part.=p

Lovely. Khuan & YunDeSu!

hahah.. She's like mind her own business. lol


 Me and Baby! I love this photo x10000000 ;p

Are they going to fight?? lol

Playing with the rope! So sad the pondok had been tear off :(

It is pretty good to be a GIRL sometimes. hahaha

Shane is a lucky guy!Lol

Spotted little girl at the beach. SHO QUTEEE!=3

She looked back.. awww

We had a group picture. Actually it was 10sec with 10 shots! lol.


Get set..... Ready.....

I am still laughing every time I saw those pictures. Those crazy couples pretending running! Loves it.. haha

Our next station were at Straits Quay Charlie Brown Cafe.
Yeah the cafe looks cute.. But the food was so N-O , C-A-N-N-O-T and WORST than ever!

The food was served with this kind of "Rubbish". Sheryn complains that where is the Charlie Head on the plate? Which the menu photo got Charlie head on it? hahha
And the service was so damn bad! tsk tsk tsk.. No more next time!

I was like.. "Can you give me drink first??" loll

Sheryn & Shane.

Chao & Alice


Hope you guys don't freak out when you saw me with wider smile.=(
My Face was so BOM! =.=

Yundesu & Khuan!

Bye Bye Charlie Brown! No more next time!

Baby and I was so freaking tired and we went back after Charlie.
That is all for the post today. Good the Night everyone.=D

Lets listen to a song which I like recently.

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