Saturday, April 16, 2011


 I changed blogskin again. hahaha I keep finding some nice template for my blog but all those templates was not as what I'm expected or was not satisfied with it. So I keep changing it at my free time. I hope I'm not making you guys to feel annoy.
Recently, I had  those silly lil things bugging inside my mind and I just couldn't tell.which is right or wrong? I am so glad that those bad news is to be end by now. Everything is back to be normal again. Glad to hear good news!=D  Everyone was not going to be worry anymore! It was like the happiest thing in this week! but it is going to end. haha
I miss someone so badly. who else do I mean? Louis Tan is the one! haha
It's getting late.. My kiwi is sleeping soundly beside me. When I saw her, I felt even more sleepier.=.='' Okay..mode gonna switch off!
Good Night ladies and gentlemen. If there is anyone? haha

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