Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hi guys! I'm here to blog again.
I realized after I've done my first post, and I will continue blog again and again until I'll stop for few weeks without a post. But who cares actually? I had not much readers here to read my blog. So nvm lah. haha.. Recently I was kinda busy by rushing here and there and had not much time to online anymore. I just can blog mostly in the midnight. Except for today!woohoo!! Went out early in the morning for prayer and done my things in the afternoon, had my lunch and dinner. Now I am home waiting for the boyfriend playing basketball near my house.XD Today I have the mood to took with the webcam.-.-

Kiwi loves taking photo. haha!

 Does anyone knows how to clean the dirt/ tears on my puppy's face? I really need help here. I tried a lot of Tear stain remover but seems like it was getting more serious! 

Lastly with a silly picture of myself. Ignore my sofa at the back. It was a mess!!! =O

That is all. Bye bye- bye bye bye bye bye bye byeee = /

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