Thursday, April 7, 2011

Great weekend

Bad news came really fast in a sudden without noticing and it goes really slow like it will never ever be gone forever.
Although last week was quite a tough week for me and also for us, it was already the past and everything will be better for the following week I am sure!
Forgot about the bad news and I do had a great and enjoyable last weekend;)

Woke up very early in the morning on Saturday for "Ching Ming".

The weather was good at first because there was no Sun and we doesn't need to suffer from sun tan. But at the end.. there comes the rain.=___= My Dad strikes a pose for me to capture him with his umbrella ahaha

Noon time, went to Straits Quay with the girls!
Chilling at Starbucks and took quite a lot of picture and I guess this was the most favorite picture to all of us? it's my favourite thou! haha

This is why I love pictures captured on the day time!
nice and clear and clean and beautiful and and ..super! haha

Can you see the different?The nail polish remover was just like a drinks..LOL..

Me with Caryne's Guineas. She smells good after her bath. haha! 

It was really rare to see Guineas without her activeness.=O
But she's still cute! haha

At night went to Over time. It was so packed with people!
Too packed and too noisy..=O

After over time, Shane dropped me to Dart Addict to find the rest.

Bf came to fetch me earlier I because I am so tired already.
Sudah mau tidur.-.-'' I realized, I can't went out too long like my younger age.
Although I am still young now? hahaha..
I felt tired easily and I felt sleepy everywhere I go. Damn this is really bad.=.=''

Oh and last picture for today's post..
Why am I having braces? Since I've already done it, I had nothing which need to explain?
Because only doctor and I knows well my teeth.
And that's all for my post today. What's next? Just wait. haha.. Byee

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