Friday, April 15, 2011


Last weekend,the sun was so shine and we thought why spending time at home or at the mall but not spending time at the outdoor? Me and baby decided to drive around and stopped at the heritage street to visits their places. We took quite an amount of pictures. So I just choose some to upload because I'm afraid this post will be longer. By not letting you guys feeling much boredom, this is the best way I suppose. haha


We saw those clothes hanging on the road side.
What I felt is very piteously and even thou people were poor or suffering, they still continue with their daily routine by working hard for their living. This is life. Nobody is rich when we are born.

Hoeng is my name:)

Next station is to jetti roadside having "Or Kio" I don't know how to pronounce in English.
The desert was like ice blended topped with jelly and lemon? haha

 Taadahhh! This is my fav "Or Kio"
My grandma says when on her generation, this Or Kio were cost only 1 sen. @@
Now, it cost RM1.30 for each small bowl. No doubt, it's 2011 now! ahha


That is all for the post today. I love outdoor although it was hot and sweaty. Loll.
Wish that I could have discover some other nice places to go.
Now, I miss my Dear so much:( He had went to Genting for his job. I wish he could stay beside me now. But unfortunately, only pictures for me to miss him.:(


chloesss said...

What place u guys been?so nice~!!!
and what camera u'r using right now?

LeeHoeng said...

erm we are just walking around jetty using Canon 550D :)