Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Straights Quay In Penang.

Straights Quay in Penang!!

I got this Picture from Google. When it is done, this is a part of the sea view. Damn.. it was so nice like you're in the another world.. OMG!

Friday night, went out with friends to Straights Quay.
There is no shops open yet.. Just the restaurant and pub is opening. :)
hehehe.. curi curi captured the couple ^^

The building is soooo big and everything is nice!!

A huge Christmas tree..Can;t wait for Christmas!=D

Me and Sheryn XD

The sea View.:)


Then we went to an Irish Pub in Straight Quay. The environment there was good but the foods and drinks to me are quite expensive. LOL.

The menu...and the priceeee...==

Guess what, this mango juice cost RM10. some more it isn't a pure mango Juice.=____=

They said at this kind of place, we should took some old school picture. haha!!

It really looks linda old school huh? don't you think.?heheh


Herng Yi.

Me and Sheryn :)

May & I :)

This picture and also the below 2 pictures makes me laugh with serious face of us. hahahaha

yeah lets come a normal one. lol

Yun Hao & Shane Yang

I said I wan to took a slightly crooked photo but they bend their waist pulak. haha!

May & Sheryn..
The 3 emo girls. LOL

Went for supper after that and THE END our story. haha
I had nothing much to say recently.. Just photos do more on the post. hehe.
I'll come back soon with XuLapsap at QE2.
Got to go now. Have a Nice day!:)

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