Sunday, March 27, 2011

ZAP partayy

ZAP party on Friday.
At first when we reached, I thought it was gonna be a boring party because there were not much people and I felt really weird with the environment. Few hours later,I think it was not that bad after all:) I feels like jumping I don't know why. HAHAHHAA
Lets just see those pictures we took.

Khuan,Sheryn and I.;)

Love those photos on the wall.

The party was really old school man! Loves it!

Daniel :)

Trashy photo is awesome!

There was a dog which party with everyone.hahha

 The songs is making everybody goes wild! ROARRR

 Hey it's now 2011 dude! loll

That's all for today! haha..
May be they gonna plan a 2nd party next month?
I don't know..Lets just wait! whoopp!

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