Saturday, March 26, 2011

Very Random

Everyday I woke up,
I wish I can see this beautiful relaxing scene with sunlight shines into my room. I love nature and I love to shoots outdoor scenery everywhere I go, I see and I captured. Who wanna out for shoots someday with me? X) I definitely most welcome!=D
Unfortunately, everyday I woke up I only can see my both legs with the pure wall in my room. It is time to put up some photo's on the wall. haha

Recently I spent my time mostly with my family and they will go some place which is I am not really know where is it and it was like a strange place to me.
Captured this with ip when I was out with family. I loves it! what do you think?:)

 Went to had vegetarian food followed with 3 most important man in my life!:D
The place is nice, the food is delicious and the price is reasonable! It is somewhere near The sire Museum Restaurant but I don't know what the restaurant name.sorry...=.=''

Lol.. Acting cool


 And recently, I am very into nails art!
Caryne,vivi and I was doing our own design.
Mine was undone.-.-''

Caryne's collection. I like it!

And great job to vivi. nice nails!

Nice hangout with Caryne to 1st Avenue:)

Having lunch with my Louis and I am so happy cause it was on weekdays! Usually it is hard to have lunch with him on weekdays cause he's busy-.-

Kiwi. hahaXD


Lastly with a picture with Me and baby.:)
I love you =3

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