Monday, March 14, 2011


Party with Xu Lapsap blink and goldfish on Friday at mois! 
Awesome night and was fully packed with party people. The bad thing was we had to Q up for an hour more just for the register. =/

Sheryn and I:)

Loves the nail colour of mine. =p
Actually it was dark blue but this picture shows the colour is in turquoise..
That's why I loves it!=D

Covered up my mouth again..woops!
The Sweet couple^^

It's Keith 21st Birthday!
Happy Birthday to him and i guess he have a blast one on that awesome night!=D

Sheryn and I againXD

The very Random picture
Me with 2 pretty ladies:))
Cyrus and I

Thought wanted to upload this
Loves the over exposed flashing lights.. LMAO

 I think they are Cyrus friends XD
The very random party picture again. lol

Vivi153 & LH158 lolll
I don't know why am I laughing like that=_=
Jason and......Pretty girl, I forgotten what's her name..Sorry:(

Catherine, Keith , Shane and Slipper

Sorry I still have to shout your real' name in Jacky! hahaXD

Biikii , Mikeal & I
So packedddd
Sexy Caryne & I.

Caryne, May, leehoeng & Vivi

Jason & Cyrus


Last 3 picture....

That is all for the Great night!

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