Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hot weather!

The weather was so hot nowadays!
I just couldn't stand the HEAT and also my skin is getting dry and red.=(
I need more sunblock! any sunblock which is good to recommend?:)Please share with me~TQ~
Gonna do some survey about sunblock already. XD

I was about to get my cert and it has been a long time we keep delayed to go back to S-I-I. haha.. Received many calls from tutor since last year. Woops!

Very long time no see friend,Tess. Together we go to S-I.
Damn the cert was F big piece. I thought it was just an A4 size. I guess the money we paid is worth for the super big piece of the 'card'. Lol.
After that we headed to Prangin Mall.. Thanks to Boon and Tess for fetching me there but I was kinda afraid to bump with police because we both was sitting on the front seat.=______= The back seat was letting the bicycle to sit,"they" are so lucky man...!haha.. Luckily we are safely reached to Prangin. =O

Baby was at Prangin.. then we went to Queensbay for a movie.:)
What face is this? haha

Seriously, you guys wouldn't believe me when I say "The very first time having ChatTime." OML! It was really the first time having CT because I had no time to go last time. @@

Lastly with a over rounded picture..HAHA..

Went to coffee Island on Friday..
Having a nice chat with all of them.=D
Chau, Mont and Blanco went back earlier than us:( Yun Hao and Khuan came after they left.

Me and Sheryn^^

Yang and Yun Hao

Us... Where is ah Khuan????=O

The very simple Friday I had. Perfectly Good chat with all of them!=D

Saturday, dating with Louis my BB.^^
It has been a long time we didn't go for shopping and movie.
Finally he had time to go out with me. lol

Uploaded some few picture which I like the most.:)

haha.. those fish eye was like over fish eyed.=____=

We went to Prangin 1st because I wanted to buy things. Then went to Queensbay after that for shopped and Movie:)

I love this! Mixed fruit ice.=D

BB's lunch but is my brunch because I woke up late that day =/

BB and I.^^

Me,Lee Hoeng:)

After our movie (I AM NUMBER FOUR),
bring Kiwi along to Howe house to meet Vodka and Guinness:)

HAHAHHA.. Same looking directions.=p
Howe got a brand new TV set. Hoorayy!haha
Watched horror movie and it was scary with the sound track.=___= 
Dare not to sleep in the middle of the night but luckily BB accompanied me.=p
That is all for the Saturday's post.:)

Sunday, the sun was very shine. I felt it was beautiful and I took a picture of it.
On the way to cousin's house for facial time!:)

My cousin's baby cocker spaniel. ^^Cute but playful. haha

Happy and Lucky!
They are like brother and sister which came out from different mommy. haha.
So cuteeee..

After facial for them, night time to BB's grandma birthday celebration.^^
Happy Birthday to Ah Ma=D
and that is all for my post today..^^
Good night to all my readers and friends..Sweet Dreams:)

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